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Canterbury & District Model Engineering Society

What happened with C.& D.M.E.S. - This year (so far)

20th & 21st January - C.C.M.R.S. Model Railway Exhibition

In what is now almost a tradition, the ⎘ City of Canterbury Model Railway Society hosted us at their Model Railway Exhibition, held in January at Saint Anslem's School, Old Dover Road, Canterbury.

Again, following tradition, the weather outside was poor. Although with our portable track set up in a small side access road, we had a good number of eager passengers, being placed immediately outside and visible from the eating area. So, many thanks to the brave club members who set up the portable track and gave rides to our many passengers over the two days.

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4th May - E.K.M.R.S. Model Railway Exhibition

The good chaps at ⎘ East Kent Model Railway Society decided they could host/squeeze-in our small-display tables at their Model Railway Exhibition, held on 4th May, at Birchington.

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Sundays in May and June - Samples of our regular Sunday afternoon runs

Now that we are running EVERY Sunday afternoon (weather permitting), here are a few samples from such afternoons. Readers please note the relaxed atmosphere and pleasent surroundings. If you wish to bring a packed lunch and bring the family, then please do so. Picnic and trains! Does it get any better?

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Members of two local model railway clubs: City of Canterbury M.R.C., and East Kent M.R.C., were specially invited to 'play trains' at our Sturry Track.

Our club members demonstrated to small groups of one or two, how to prepare their larger scale live-steam locomotives: This included: filling tanks and boilers with water, laying the fire, lighting up, as and when adding coal. Useful tasks to be done while waiting for boiler pressure such as oiling round, checking valve operation. Then showing blower draughting, boiler water-feed systems, cab controls, drain cocks, et cetera. Yes it is a long list - it is hard work having fun!

And after all that, then take turns at driving; which is why this correspondant suspects we had such a good number of attendees.

Finally not forgetting how to dispose of the loco (dropping the fire, et cetera) at the end of the day.

The day was an experiment for us. Would anyone turn up? Would they benefit from the experience? Would they come again? We should not have worried, in the end it turned out well. And we will hopefully be doing similar again. After all we share the same hobby, only the manifestation differs slightly; we should not exist in little bubbles.

So, a big 'thank you' to club members willing come along on a Saturday and to demonstrate their own locomotives. Also to the tea and biscuits department, who gave that extra welcome touch for our visitors.

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